Featured Single Origin: Guatemala - Victor Hugo Torres

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Featured Single Origin: Guatemala - Victor Hugo Torres

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Guatemala - Victor Hugo Torres

Victor Hugo Torres’ coffee farm is near the village of Escobal in the Mataquescuinta region of Guatemala, where he has lived since childhood. Victor inherited the farm from his father, and his wish is to continue to act as a good steward of the farm and produce high quality coffee.

Victor, along with many residents of the Mataquescuintla region, have for years resisted mining development in the area by Canadian companies, in particular Pan American Silver. As Victor Hugo states “we defend the territory to maintain a healthy environment, so that it does not affect our plantations and to prevent pollution on our planet”. This resistance however, has a high price - dozens of protesters have been injured or killed by mining security forces.

You can find more information regarding the situation in Mataquescuintla here.

We’re honoured to be roasting this coffee, and will be sending an additional $0.50 per roasted pound of coffee back to him as a gesture of good will and support for him and his farm, family and community.

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon Rolls & Clementine Oranges

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