Owner, John Gossett.

Owner, John Gossett.

The idea began in 2010,

with a popcorn popper and a few raw beans. Since then, Mt Maxwell Coffee has developed into unique small business that continues to grow. I admit that in the beginning I roasted some horrendous coffee. After seven years of steep learning curves in the art of roasting, production, and entrepreneurship, I am proud of our product. 

I understand what coffee I want and how I want it to taste. After all, part of the reason I do this is so I can satisfy my own idea of what coffee should be. Now, I wake up each morning excited to make a cup! 

There is always room for improvement and I am on an endless quest to roast better, to source better, and create a better cup. While all coffee, good and bad eventually finds a home, I prefer the good. Because seriously, life is too short for mediocre coffee!

My results come from some basic practices and principles:

  • Sourcing relationships. I use coffee that comes from happy and diligent farmers who are fairly compensated for their efforts.
  • Fair prices. I pay up for quality beans and my customers do too! By doing so, we contribute to a more positive and equitable coffee supply chain. 
  • A fine-tuned roasting process. From a clean roaster to a conscientious profile for each single origin and blend, each step here is an important one to achieving a quality cup.